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Go Green with Onboarding

Go Green with Onboarding

Going paperless is a goal for many organizations. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also can cut down on the clutter and storage needs of your business. It is also an easy way to ensure that your company is compliant with the government rules on employment records. But with applications, I-9s, W-4s, emergency contact lists, employee handbooks and countless other documents necessary to hire and train a new employee, how is this even possible? There are a few solutions you may want to consider.

  • Electronic onboarding with Shugo. HR managers can select from two packages, full and basic, to fit all their individual needs. The system has all the required documents for employment along with a way to sign them electronically. You can create custom documents that apply to your business specifically. It streamlines the payroll process, with options for direct deposit enrollment or the use of pay cards. And it integrates with your current payroll system. And all of this is branded with your company logo and information.
  • Streamlined HR with DynaFile. This system uses the popular DocuSign system to allow your employees to complete all of their important paperwork and sign online. You can create links to your employee handbook and create a place to acknowledge receipt. Your new employees can attach additional documents, such as scanned checks for direct deposit enrollment, to their file. All of this information is stored for each employee in his or her own employee file, so the organizational process is simple and streamlined.
  • Automated paperwork with Workbright. One of the biggest benefits of the Workbright system is that it is fully integrated for mobile platforms. More and more adults access the internet directly only from their smartphones or tablets, so convenience is often key to streamlining a process properly. Workbright can upload photos taken with a cellphone camera. It provides automated reminders about important tasks. And each time a new hire is added to the system, it generates an email instructing them how to proceed.

Any of these products can provide an excellent start for your company's new paperless processes. Before you make a decision, talk to us about your particular needs. We're happy to help you find the solution that's right for you.


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