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Autopaychecks Recruiter

Accelerate your hiring process with Autopaychecks Recruiter.

Autopaychecks Recruiter is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants and hire great employees.

Human Resources for small and medium-sized organizations.

Online Recruiting Made Easy

With our easy-to-use online tools, we can transform the way your company finds new talent. Built for companies of any size, Autopaychecks Recruiter makes posting jobs online a breeze. Accept resumes and sort through applicants in a few clicks.

With the best and most flexible pricing around and support beyond compare, you'll find a team that is ready to dive in and help in any way we can to make your Autopaychecks Recruiter experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Screenshot of the Autopaychecks Recruiter software.


Post Jobs Online

Our great online partnerships allow you to post and advertise your job listings across the internet.

An ATS helps you manage the entire hiring process, from posting jobs, organizing and sorting applicants to interviewing and onboarding.

We make posting to job boards easy. With dozens of free and premium options just one click away.

Organize Applicants

A rich administrative interface allows you to post and manage your online jobpostings quickly and easily.

Keep track of notes and applicant status for each potential candidate.

Pass resumes to other managers for review, send mass "Thanks but No Thanks" emails automatically, and design your own custom email templates.

Hire Great Employees

Integrated screening questions allow you to quickly gauge each candidate's suitability.

Rank your applicants to keep track of promising candidates throughout the hiring process.

Fully customizable – Autopaychecks Recruiter helps your company hire exactly the way you want to.



Pre-Employment Testing

Powerfully simple pre-employment testing.

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Video Interviewing

Create a shortlist: online, automated & unrehearsed.

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Features & Pricing

Fully-integrated online recruiting made easy.

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Guided Setup

Accelerate your hiring with a guided setup.

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