February 2018 Featured Client – CASA of Mesa County

Do you love to hear encouraging stories? An encouraging story is created each time a person gives of himself or herself to journey with and love someone in need. Autopaychecks’ February featured client, CASA of Mesa County, has worked towards acting as a source of encouragement and light in children’s lives since its founding.

CASA of Mesa County’s staff on Child Abuse Awareness Day

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Mesa County is a leader in child protection issues and promoting the safety, permanency, stability, and well-being of children and youth who are victims of abuse in Mesa County.


CASA was first established in Seattle, Washington in 1977 by a family court judge who wanted to make sure every child in foster care had a voice in court that represented their needs. In Mesa County, CASA was established in 1997.

Swearing-in day for new CASA volunteers

CASA provides a voice in court for victims of child abuse and neglect. Volunteer advocates are sworn in as officer of the court, after extensive training. Monthly, the volunteer meets with anyone who has information about the child – including the child, foster parents, teacher, therapist, doctor, and biological parents. The CASA volunteer then reports back to the judge/magistrate regarding the child’s needs and selection of the best permanent home for the child.

A CASA volunteer is committed to serving as a consistent adult in a child’s life during the case process, willing to advocate for those who may not otherwise be heard. The voices and well-being of children is vital, and Autopaychecks gladly partners with CASA of Mesa County to ensure that children’s voices are heard.

We all have the opportunity to help create an encouraging story. To find out more about CASA of Mesa County or to explore volunteer or donation opportunities, please visit https://www.casamc.org/.

All information about CASA of Mesa County was collected from either https://www.casamc.org/ or personal communication with Janet Rowland, Executive Director of CASA of Mesa County.