Becoming a Great Place to Work: It’s Not About the Money

“It is easy to understand why companies have focused on… pay, parking, cafeteria discounts, etc.” when trying to attract, retain and motivate workers, stated Gallup in introducing its research on its Management Journal website. Why? Because it’s usually fairly easy to tinker with those variables. The problem is, “these factors do not really make a[…]

Follow the Law When Using Background Checks for Hiring

More and more employers are using background checks as a regular part of the hiring process, and it’s easy to understand why. When it comes to the need to protect your business, your workforce and your customers, the stakes are high. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) spells out a few good reasons why[…]

Unpaid Workers Can Surprise You

Casual labor can be dangerous! Hard to believe, but an administrative assistant wrote to an advice columnist. This person was frustrated looking for a new job and complained about “The Working Interview.” It seems the applicant actually had worked two days at one company and three days at another company without getting paid and without getting hired.[…]