August 19, 2015

Time & Labor Management

Big Savings – Time is Money

Did you know that only six minutes of misreported time adds up to 26 hour per year, per employee?
Ten minutes a day adds up to a 43.3 hours per year that was not authorized, but you pay for it. No more adding time cards or tracking them down. You see current hours and punches live. Time from multiple locations is collected at a single web based portal. Put an end to “buddy punching” with a biometric reader.

iSolved Time is an optional component of our core iSolved HCM Solution, providing you with a feature-rich time tracking application, all from the same access point as your payroll, HR and benefits. For most businesses, tracking the hours worked by employees and translating that into a payroll check can be a big task. Our time and attendance tools replace manual methods of tracking with web-based systems and advanced clocks – including biometrics, mobile applications and GPS coordinates.

With manual tracking methods, human error, audit costs and lost time, it can really add up. An average small business can save 1-4% of their annual payroll costs simply by automating their time and attendance. Employees simply swipe an electronic badge, register a finger print or hand scan or type their “pin” into the clock terminal recording start and end times of their work. They also can use one of our advanced web-based time tools that they can access from their desktops and mobile applications.

  • ACA
  • Mobile Applicationsisolved_whatis_hcm
  • Management Reports
  • Time and Attendance reports
  • Time Off requests
  • Accruals
  • Master Schedules
  • Multi-Locations Live Time Management
  • Payroll reports
  • Human Resource Reports
  • Labor Cost Reports

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