August 19, 2015



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Excellence in Service is Our First Concern

Our company was created solely with you in mind-that is why we have a variety of options for payroll management, whether your organization has two employees or 2,000. If you employees work in one state or 50. How complex is your payroll? Do you have multiple locations? What is your knowledge and comfort  level with payroll? These are all questions to think about and we will be there every step of the way to help you find the best solution for your business.

We Keep It Simple

The way most payroll services operate, you have to wonder if they stay up at night trying to overcomplicate things. Some promise great service, but you end up with an 800 number in another country. Others promise lots of free things, but they really end up being “not so free” after all. Why don’t they get it? We would like to think similar to a breath of fresh air. From the beginning, this company was created for the primary purposed of offering the highest level of service.

One Unified Platform

When you sign up with Autopaychecks, our payroll processing technology is the foundation of our business. Built from the ground up, iSolved technology is a solution that ensures your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and easily. iSolved’s full payroll preview puts you in control of your own payroll processing, alerting you to potential errors before you process. iSolved is the transformational payroll services solution you’ve been looking for, backed by expert services when needed.

iSolved’s cutting-edge payroll processing technology is bundled with our other integrated modules, including human resources, benefits administration and time and attendance to simplify your human capital management. iSolved is an intuitive, configurable and user-friendly human capital management solution, built specifically for small to midsize employers. Keeping you in control of your number one asset. Your employees.

Tax Reporting 

Consider it done! Every Month, quarter and at year-end — we take care of it all. We process your 941’s, tax payments, state withholding, state unemployment, and federal unemployment taxes—we make the payments and file the returns on your behalf, providing you copies for your records— processing your payroll with Autopaychecks, you can say tax relief!